Handwashing Stations

Our portable handwashing stations are a practical addition to any event or job site, providing extra peace of mind to your guests or workers. Offering an easy way to maintain cleanliness and reduce the risk of spreading germs at your site, our handwashing stations are easy to use and convenient. Available for short-term or long-term use, our portable sinks provide an affordable sanitation solution for your event. The holding tanks keep fresh water separated from contaminated water, and hands-free foot pumps make it easy to maintain hygiene when permanent facilities aren't available.

our portable sinks are self-contained and can be used in locations with limited access to water

Take the cleanliness of your event up a notch with our hand washing stations. With our portable sink rentals, you can make everyone more comfortable by creating a hygienic environment for your guests or employees. We equip each unit with paper towels, soap, and water, ensuring guests have everything they need to wash their hands. Each unit holds enough water for about 200 handwashings, perfect for food service stations, camping trips, children's play areas, outdoor weddings, and job sites-- any place where guests or employees have limited access to hygiene facilities. Contact us today at 925-387-6265 for more information about our portable hand washing stations and restrooms.